Angels and stained glass
Angels and Stained Glass

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St James Garlickhythe Church Interior

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Open Space
Carved Detail, St Benet's Church, Paul's Wharf

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The Friends of the City Churches

The Friends of the City Churches is an architectural heritage charity dedicated to preserving the beautiful and unique churches found within the square mile of the City of London. As part of our work we:

St Stephen Walbrook altar

Friends' Church Watchers

The Friends of the City Churches' volunteer Church Watchers usually help to keep all the churches listed below open to visitors and worshippers on a regular basis.

As of 17 March 2020, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York have instructed all the churches in their jurisdiction to suspend public services until further notice. Thus, our Church Watching has also been suspended for the duration, and we have postponed all forthcoming members’ events indefinitely. Our office in St Mary Abchurch is also now closed. We hope to welcome you to the City Churches again as soon as it is safe for our volunteers to work in the City again.

When we resume Church Watching, our usual schedule is as follows.


St Botolph Aldgate (11am - 3pm)
St Ethelburga Centre
(11am - 3pm, 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month)
St Mary Abchurch (11am - 3pm)
St Sepulchre Newgate (11am - 3pm)


The Dutch Church
(11am - 3pm, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month)
St Dunstan in the West (11am - 3pm)
St Katharine Cree (11am - 3pm)
St Mary Abchurch (11am - 3pm)
St Michael Cornhill (11am - 3pm)
St Peter upon Cornhill (1pm - 4pm)


St Anne & St Agnes
(12.45pm - 2.45pm, 1st Wednesday of each month)
All Hallows London Wall (11am - 3pm
St Botolph Aldersgate (11am - 3pm)
St Magnus the Martyr (1pm - 4pm)
St Mary Abchurch (11am - 3pm
St Stephen Walbrook (11am - 3pm)


St Benet Paul's Wharf (11am - 3pm)
St James Garlickhythe (11am - 3pm)
St Martin Ludgate (11am - 3pm)
St Mary Abchurch (11am - 3pm)
St Mary at Hill (11am - 3pm)


St Andrew by the Wardrobe (11am - 3pm)
St Clement Eastcheap (11am - 3pm)
St Mary Abchurch (11am - 3pm)
St Martin Ludgate (11am - 3pm)

Please be aware that, to accommodate other activities, any one church may occasionally be closed to visitors on short notice.

Map of churches

What's new

FCC Annual General Meeting (AGM)
During the current health emergency and following guidance from the Charity Commission, the trustees have decided to postpone the AGM which had originally been scheduled for 11 June 2020. Further information will be available when future government lockdown proposals are clearer.
A report of the activities of the Friends of the City Churches for 2019-2020 and annual accounts for the year to 31 March 2020 will be available on the website in the next few weeks.

April 2020 issue of City Events

No Church Watchers' meeting until further notice.

Learn more about the lives of City churches in London Undone, a podcast produced by Catherine Cartwright.

St James Garlickhythe

The Friends are on Twitter – please follow us for news and updates.

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