Members' Events 2018

Here are the latest FCC events, open to all FCC members. For further information about any of our events please email us


Tuesday 3 July, 11am

Merchant Taylors’ Hall & St Michael Cornhill
Visit with City Guide Jill Finch. The ninth in our ongoing series of visits to City Livery Companies and their associated churches takes us to the home of the Merchant Taylors, one of the ‘Twelve Great’, who have occupied the same site since 1347. Their first hall was gutted in the Great Fire, the second badly damaged but not destroyed by the Blitz. After our guided tour, we will visit the Company’s church, St Michael Cornhill, which has a not dissimilar history.


Wednesday 18 July, 11am

The Legal City
Walk with City Guide Jill Finch. What’s the difference between Inns of Chancery and Inns of Court? Why did the lawyers leave the City? What on earth is a Bencher? Discover Legal London on this walk from Chancery Lane to Temple, with a look at the smallest listed building in London, a chapel and the grave site of Oliver Goldsmith on the way.


Thursday 26 July, 11am

Wrens Present and Flown
Walk with City Guide Lionel Wright. In 1666, the Great Fire destroyed 86 of the 107 medieval churches in the City of London. Sir Christopher Wren directed the rebuilding of 51 churches. Today 23 remain. Others were lost permanently to WW2 bombing or peacetime demolition. What were they like? This walk begins by discussing some vanished Wren churches, and concludes in the present with a visit to a surviving Wren church.


Wednesday 1 August, 6.30pm

Medieval Graffiti in City of London Churches
Talk by Crystal Hollis. Scratching graffiti into the fabric of important buildings was not always regarded as vandalism, but rather a common practice. The sheer quantity of graffiti from the medieval and early modern period, often deeply incised, sometimes prominently positioned (and, in churches, often roughly at eye level) tells another story. Crystal Hollis, an American Friend of the City Churches, reveals new perspectives on this ancient human impulse; follow her blog on Wine and nibbles from 18:00


Wednesday 22 August, 11am

St Martin’s to St Paul’s (Covent Garden)
Walk with City Guide Jill Finch. Our occasional visits to churches just outside the City continue with two Georgian masterpieces in Covent Garden, one famous for its music and the other for its actors. As London grew, St Paul’s was built by Inigo Jones for the Duke of Bedford for his new development in the 1630s; St Martin’s, once literally ‘in the fields’, was rebuilt by James Gibbs in the 1720. This walk weaves through the streets and alleys of Covent Garden between these two famous churches, looking at how the old Convent Garden of the monks became the pleasure park of a King.


Thursday 30 August, 2pm

Roman London & the Mitraeum
Walk with City Guide Valeria Bellazzi. Following January’s lecture on the archaeology of the Bloomberg site, opposite St Stephen Walbrook, this energetic walk will look at other evidence of Roman London (some familiar, some surprising) still to be found near several eminent City churches. The walk will conclude at the Temple of Mithras within the Bloomberg building, which those who wish can then visit with places reserved for our group.



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